Manifold and Valves

Manifold System or Unions

The Manifold System is a much simpler option for installation, but it has its limits.  With the fact that products change on a regular basis, the prebuilt manifold system may not have available parts if there are ever problems in the future.  I do use them regularly, but it is always a concern.  On the plus side, they are quicker to assemble and the parts are all made from schedule 80 PVC.  The Sprinkler System Calculator is designed around traditional union style manifolds, so if you plan to use a manifold system you will need to adjust the product/parts list accordingly.

Valve Replacement With The Traditional Union Manifold System 
Traditional Union Manifold Example
  1. PVC Tee 1 Inch Slip x Thread
  2. Close Nipple 1 Inch PVC
  3. Union 1 inch PVC
  4. Close Nipple 1 Inch PVC
  5. Automatic Sprinkler Valve 1 Inch
  6. Toe Nipple 1 Inch PVC
  7. Union 1 Inch PVC
  8. Inline Basket Filter 1 Inch
  9. Optional Spigot For Draining System

The Union Manifold System is the most versatile of the 2 systems, but it is likely to take 2-3 times as long to install.  This system can be tailored to fit your unique setup.  Either system will work and neither of them have any major drawbacks, so pick the one that suits your needs best.

Both systems have 2 unions for each valve, this is an intentional design to make repairs easy for the future.

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