Garden Hose Bib / Spigot

Installing a garden hose bib / spigot to your sprinkler system is a great way to provide a landscape with a high volume water supply.  One of the most common uses of a Spigot is filling a hot tub or pool.  This is because the spigot is directly connected to the mainline of your sprinkler system (after the backflow).  Utilizing this style of spigot can cut filling time of a standard hot tub by 70% when comparing to using a freezless hose bib that is generally attached to a houses plumbing.  I generally recommend installing at least one Garden Hose Bib / Spigot.

The terms Garden Hose Bib and Spigot can be used interchangeably.  I will often switch from one term to the other when I am speaking or writing.  I know this is unprofessional, but it is one of those habits I can’t seam to shake.

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